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Pride Month

June is International Pride Month

A whole month to celebrate our LGBTQIA+ identities, history, and communities!

Celebrate YOUR unique pride!

Celebrate YOUR unique pride!

And the whole LGBTQIA+ community

And the whole LGBTQIA+ community

And allies? Perfect time to level-up your allyship!

And allies? Perfect time to level-up your allyship!

A whole month of celebration

Every June, we celebrate the history of LGBTQIA+ Pride, our communities, our identities, and look towards the future.

Why June?

Pride Month commemorates the Stonewall Riots of 1969, a pivotal moment and movement in LGBTQIA+ rights – one led largely by trans women of colour.

How do we mark Pride Month?

Loads of ways! Parades, parties, celebrations, solo, with chosen family, by going rainbow, and by engaging in education.

What about LGBTQIA+ allies?

It's the perfect time to learn about LGBTQIA+ identities, to stand with your LGBTQIA+ friends and family, and to champion inclusion.

What does "Queer" mean anyway?

Seriously though, what does it mean? If you've been wanting to ask, we've got you covered.

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Celebrating diversity in the LGBTQIA+ community

In all corners of the world, experiences of being part of the LGBTQIA+ community vary as wildly and as wonderfully as the people experiencing them.

How to be an active LGBTQIA+ ally

There are loads of ways to be an active ally to your LGBTQIA+ family, friends, colleagues, clients and the wider community.

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How to support someone coming out

That’s one of the questions we’re asked most often at Minus18 – by family, friends, teachers, service providers and young people. Here are our tips!

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We’re leading change, building social inclusion, and advocating for an Australia where all young people are safe, empowered, and surrounded by people that support them.

Life-affirming social inclusion

Through a preventative model of mental health support, we tackle social isolation by creating spaces where young people belong.

Education & advocacy

We transform communities through LGBTQIA+ training, resources, and digital campaigns that enable others to champion inclusivity.

Youth empowerment

We believe in equipping young people with the skills they need to be at the forefront of driving change.

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Stay in the loop

Minus18 is located on the land of the Yalakut Weelam Clan of the Boon Wurrung peoples, Australia’s First People and Traditional Custodians. We acknowledge their continued connection and contribution to land, water and community, and pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. Sovereignty was never ceded; this always was, always will be, Aboriginal land.

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