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Check out the VICE's special Queer Edition of In Bloom

Law reform of discrimination against LGBTIQ students

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has promised amendments of religious discrimination laws against LGBTIQ students. 

Coming Out: Adrian's Story

Coming out for me was a 5 year process. Good things take time, right? 

School of Rock PRIDE Night

School of Rock presents a special PRIDE NIGHT!

How to Challenge Other People's Crappy Language

Sometimes, others might not even know what they're saying is hurtful.

Tips for Coming Out

Coming out doesn't have to be scary. We've got you sorted. 

Bisexual vs Pansexual? What's the difference?

It's OK - it can seem a bit confusing.

What To Do If You’ve Experienced Discrimination

You have a community of people here to give you strength!

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