How do I make Queer friends?

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BY Dani Leever Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Finding Queer m8s

Being surrounded by people who really understand you is a great feeling, there’s no doubt about it. Especially if they share parts of your identity (hint hint, if they’re also queer!) 

For some people, when they’re new to the community, it’s easy to feel like the only gay in the village. The thought of finding and making queer friends can feel like a huge and daunting task. But don’t fret! We’re here to help. We’ve compiled a few tips on how to meet and surround yourself with queer m8s.



Yay for internet friends! Some queer people have found amazing online support networks through social media, particularly if they don’t have access to a huge LGBTIQ+ community offline. There are a tonne of queer groups on Facebook, some with particular focuses or intersections within the community. Have a search around to find one that suits you. We have our MINUS18TEENS facebook group which could be a great place to start!


On Instagram, following a tonne of queer accounts can help you find community within the comments section, as well as rainbow-ing up your news feed. 

The blogging site Tumblr is great for finding niche communities and like-minded users to connect with. The queer corners of Tumblr are known to be vibrant and lively! 


If you’re over 18… well, there’s apps for that. 


Events and Youth Network Groups

Queer events are normally swarming with, you guessed it, queer people! Whether it’s a dance event, a fundraising night or a specialist interest group, you’ll be able to meet like-minded people to hang with. 

There are queer youth networks all over Australia that you might not know about! They hold events, create safe supportive spaces for queer and questioning people or centre on a particular hobby. 

Minus18 is one of them! We put on safe dance parties, movie nights, game days… pretty much anything super fun where everyone is welcome. 


In Victoria, we have queer rock climbing groups and queer craft groups just to name a couple. There are a tonne more here you can browse through. Your area could have something similar, so you could try out a new hobby and make some new friends. It’s a win win!




Volunteering can be a fantastic way to make queer friends while giving back to the LGBTIQA+ community! Not only that, volunteering looks great on a resume and can be stacks of fun, too. Heck, you can even volunteer with Minus18

Have a search for any queer organisations in your area and contact them to see if there are any volunteering opportunities available. 


Start something yourself!

If you still can’t find anyone, you could try starting your own group! It could be a LGBTIQA+ group at school, a Gay Straight Alliance or a community focusing on a certain interest or hobby. Then, let the queers roll on in!

You could start a book club and meet a super cool person from your town that you didn’t even know was queer. Yay for friends! Remember, there ARE other queer people who are just like you. Maybe they’ve got a whole group of people they can introduce you to, or they’re also looking for cool new queer friends. 


Everyone deserves to have friends around them that understand, support and validate them. No matter how you go about seeking LGBTIQA+ friends, good luck and get friending!