We Answer Your Queer Questions

Alexis D Lea Photography
BY Adrian Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Check out the VICE's special Queer Edition of In Bloom

In Bloom

Our 'Queer Ideas Festival' invited hundreds of LBGITQ+ youth from all around Victoria to talk solutions and celebrate our community. Our media partner for the event, VICE Australia, spoke to our attendees about all things queer; including coming out, identity, bullying and living in “20-gay-teen”. 

Every story is different and should be celebrated, special thanks to all the youth sharing their experiences and advice!

Watch, share and help celebrate a generation who embraces everyone.

You can read more here on tips for coming out and ways to explore your gender and expression, or even if you aren’t ready, It’s OK to not come out. Or if you know someone who is coming to terms with the process of coming out, you can read about how to be supportive.



VICE x Minus18 In Bloom