Why going Rainbow for IDAHOBIT creates change

BY Sonia Zhou Wednesday, 10 April 2019

IDAHOBIT is the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism and Transphobia and it’s happening on May 17th

It is a day of solidarity to stand with our LGBTIQ friends, family and colleagues, whilst also saying a big NO to gender and sexual discrimination. That all sounds great, but you might be wondering: how does going rainbow really make that much of an impact? 


As much as we want everyone to be accepting, unfortunately this isn't always the case. Queerphobia is still prevalent in today’s society, with 75% of LGBTIQ youth experiencing some form of discrimination*. This has resulted in detrimental impacts for the LGBTIQ community with 61% of LGBTIQ youth experiencing verbal abuse and 24.4% of LGB and 36.2% of Trans people experiencing depression*

This highlights why IDAHOBIT is imperative as it is a day of collective and visible allyship, while celebrating the strength, diversity and resilience of the LGBTIQ community. 


IDAHOBIT aims to encourage visual allyship with going rainbow and showing your support for LGBTIQ youth loudly and proudly (eg. a pledge, rainbow flag raising), or imagine a teacher wearing a rainbow badge or lanyard. This communicates to an LGBTIQ student that this teacher is an ally and is someone who they can come to for support and understanding. This allows us to celebrate diversity, whilst also enabling us to speak up and challenge homophobic, biphobic, interphobic and transphobic language and behaviour when it is safe to do so. Need ideas for showing your pride? Check out our Rainbow Pride range. 


Tackling discrimination and prejudice can be done through education and a better understanding of LGBTIQ perspectives - but where do you start? IDAHOBIT provides an opportunity to create a lasting impact through support programs and workshops. These programs are proactive and explore LGBTIQ identities and ways to tackle bullying. In particular, Minus18 workshops empower young people to be the change they want to see and create young leaders and empathy builders in schools and the community. This equips them with the skills to challenge discrimination and create an inclusive and safe community for everyone.


Donating or fundraising for organisations that help LGBTIQ people enable them to continue supporting the LGBTIQ community for the long-term. For not-for-profits like Minus18, donations ensure young people are able to access Minus18 events and initiatives. It can also help provide resources, mentorship, digital content and videos that equip young people all over Australia with the information they need to figure out and understand their sexuality and gender identity. You can download a Guideline to Fundraising on IDAHOBIT below!

IDAHOBIT may last only a day, but the impact is long term, concrete and creates an inclusive and discrimination-free environment for all people. Whether it be pinning a rainbow badge to your shirt or running a rainbow bake sale - you're helping making change. 

So, what now? Start planning, register your event here and keep us in the loop by using the hashtag #IDAHOBIT to share your IDAHOBIT festivities.


Sonia Zhou (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

IDAHOBIT Campaign Coordinator

*Statistics sourced from https://www.idahobit.org.au/index.php/get-active/the-stats