The beauty of QTIPOC community

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BY Minus18 Thursday, 21 November 2019

For QTIPOC cuties, finding community is an amazing and empowering experience 

There are a lot reasons why being a Queer, Trans, Intersex Person of Colour (QTIPOC) is beautiful and amazing. The communities that exist are especially wonderful and empowering, and an amazing support. Unfortunately for some, it can feel lonely before you find these communities. 


Growing up, you might rarely see yourself reflected in movies, TV, politics or books – and it’s even less likely these stories do justice to the complexity of what it’s like to be QTIPOC. The people of colour you see are cis and hetero, and the queer people are always white. Perhaps you’ve felt like there are times when it feels like there’s no one else like you in the world. 


Finding other QTIPOC is important because we often become each other’s chosen family. It’s so important to have chosen family when some of us don’t really have good relationships with our biological family. Meeting other people with similar stories, who may also have families that struggle to accept them is a huge step to realising your identity is not wrong and you’re not alone in the ways you might feel.


Your white and straight friends can be good allies, and they might well be some of your best friends. They can listen to what you’re going through and support you. But there are some things that only other QTIPOC will ever be able to fully understand, like the experience of juggling multiple identities at the same time – especially when those identities don’t mesh super well together. For instance, only QTIPOC know that you won’t ever be able to pick one or the other. It’s not as easy as that!


Even if you haven’t met them yet, there’s a whole community of QTIPOC out there who have your back. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help. You deserve to feel good! And if you’re doing well, pay it forward and buy another QTIPOC a meal if they aren’t having a good time or get them a cute gift to remind them you care. If the roles are ever reversed, you’ll appreciate someone doing the same for you.


Finding physical spaces where QTIPOC come together like (in)visible project events or the QTIPOC space at Minus18 parties can help link you up with community and chosen family. 


If you’re living outside of a major city, finding those spaces online, like the Facebook group ‘qtipoc qtpies’, can be really helpful too.  For many of us, online communities are a huge help in building connections with people from across the world when feeling lonely. Places like forums, social media, websites and other online groups can introduce you to people and conversations that can be especially useful when you don’t necessarily have heaps of QTIPOC friends yet.


This article was first published in the OMG I'm QTIPOC! resource, now available to purchase online


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