Queer Formal 2018

BY Thursday, 30 November 2017

Send an LGBTIQ young person to the Queer Formal!

LGBTIQ youth in Australia still experience some of the highest rates of bullying of any demographic, and the most common place this occurs is at school.
Still in 2017, young people are being told they can't attend their high school formal with a same sex partner, and even more are made to feel comfortable for wearing clothes that align with their gender identity.

The Queer Formal

That's where the Queer Formal comes in! We host a night for more than 500 LGBTIQ youth to attend a sit down dinner, watch live music artists, listen to inspiring speeches, and dance the night away. 
For 2018, our goal is to create a night where every single young person can attend for free.
And for the first time ever - we're introducing the Queer Formal to 500 young people in Sydney!

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