Calling all parents! Minus18 is creating resources for parents of LGBTQ+ youth

BY Reb Monday, 30 September 2019

Calling all parents of LGBTQ+ youth! We need your help.

Minus18 is creating a series of online video resources for parents, guardians and carers of LGBTIQ young people, featuring the experiences, tips and wisdom of other parents and guardians of queer young people. 

Why? Well, because we receive a staggering amount of requests for resources from parents – for a cheat sheet of terms and up to date information, for tips and suggestions, and for support. These videos will allow parents to draw upon the experiences of those who've been exactly where they are now. We offer heaps of resources for young people, and we've researched what young people want, but we believe that equipping their parents with up to date information and suggestions will go a long way too. 

What will the resources look like? 

These new parenting resources will be a series of short videos released online, featuring a range of parents chatting about their experiences with their LGBTIQ children – their learnings, struggles, and wins regarding coming out, getting a handle on new terms and language, providing support, and everything in between!

In order to create these videos though, we need to find parents and carers to contribute their experiences and insights into the creation of these important resources! 

What kind of parents?

Straight parents, queer parents, single parents, parents of faith, parents of colour, carers, guardians, those with young children, and those with adult children. We want to hear from you all! And don't worry if you've never appeared on camera before, we'll make sure you're comfortable, and that you know what we'll be asking ahead of time. 

If you know any parents within your school or network, we'd love for you to pass our expression of interest survey to them.

I'm keen. What happens next? 

  • A brief initial phone/video interview with Minus18  
  • Successful applicants will be required to attend one day of filming in Melbourne
  • Filming will occur during August
  • We’ll provide you with the questions beforehand
  • These filmed interviews will be cut into a number of shorter videos, addressing a variety of topics
  • Each video will be released online for the world to see!

The aim for these video resources is to provide support and guidance to other parents and carers of LGBTIQ young people, and to present a diverse range of parents, who may be going through and feeling similar things. 

Interested? Fill in a few details here and we'll be in touch!