Rainbow Opportunity: Free LGBTIQ Workshops for Victorian Regional & Rural Schools

BY Thursday, 28 November 2019

We have funding to offer FREE LGBTIQ youth and adult workshops to Victorian rural and regional schools in 2020.

Easy as that. No strings attached. We have the funding, now we just need the Victorian regional/rural schools to visit. 

Register your interest!

Or, keep reading to find out a little more about our Queer Out Here initiative. 

This sounds too good to be true. What's this all about? 

Minus18 (that's us!), Australia's largest youth-driven LGBTIQ organisation, has received funding to scamper around Victoria, delivering LGBTIQ inclusion workshops and training to regional and rural schools.

That is, training for teachers and school staff, and workshops for secondary school students. 

Basically, we're looking to find three or four schools – anywhere in regional and rural Victoria – who'd like to book in this training during term one or term two 2020. Spots are seriously limited, so get in touch quickly.

Who is this for?

This is for any school, any staff team, or student cohort – no matter their existing level of LGBTIQ knowledge.

You could be seasoned champions of inclusivity and diversity, or you could be just beginning to dive in and build up your collective knowledge.

Why should OUR school book these free LGBTIQ workshops? 

There are plenty of reasons a school might organise workshops for staff and for students. A young person or staff member may have recently come out, and you’d like your school’s collective knowledge to be improved. 

Or you've heard homophobic language, worrisome jokes, or casual slurs in the hallway – or out in your community. 

But this doesn't have to be purely reactive. Training up teachers, and making sure students are aware of the impact their behaviour can have (good and bad), are great reasons to book these workshops unto themselves!

Chances are, it'll mean students and teachers feel safe and supported enough to come out stress-free at your school in the future.

Why Minus18 training at schools?  

We do this all the time! Our dedicated workshops team travels around Melbourne (and Sydney!) delivering adult training and youth workshops all week long. 

Our youth workshops focus on establishing a fun and supportive environment for learning. And since we're young, we know how to keep their attention and keep things entertaining.

And our adult workshops? They're judgement-free spaces in which to workshop real-life scenarios relevant to your team. Participants leave with an actionable toolkit for promoting inclusivity and diversity, and standing up to discrimination.

Okay, I'm in! 

Super! Our Workshops Team is ready to chat with you about your requirements and lock in your workshops. 

Register your interest by 16 December and our team will get back to you soon as soon as possible!


Funding for the Queer Out Here project is proudly supported by the Felton Bequest, BHP Pride Network 'Jasper' and MinterEllison.