Help us send 500 LGBTIQ youth to Queer Formal

BY Tuesday, 03 December 2019

We're taking Queer Formal to Mardi Gras 2020, but the work's not done yet!

You've probably heard: we're heading to Sydney in 2020 for our VERY FIRST MARDI GRAS!

But while we have a venue, we have community support, and we have a spot in the festival – we still need to make sure it's a spectacular event for our 500 attendees. And besides that, we need to make sure every ticket is free for every young person who wants to come along. 

Queer Formal is more than just a night of music, dancing and celebration.

For a huge amount of attendees, it's the one night a year where they're able, or feel safe enough, to take a same-gender partner, wear the clothes they feel most comfortable in, or just be themselves. 

Last Sydney Queer Formal: 

  • 47% of attendees travelled for more than an hour to attend
  • 13% travelled more than three hours
  • 72% of attendees reported making a new friend
  • 94% of attendees said the event directly helped them to feel comfortable being their true selves

And you know what? For heaps of attendees, it's the first time they've had the chance to meet other LGBTIQ teens.

And that's exactly why we want all tickets to be free.

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Every $50 donated = One LGBTIQ young person attends Queer Formal for free.

Every $100 donated = Two LGBTIQ teens (maybe even a couple!) attend Queer Formal for free

Plus: all donations are tax-deductible!

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