Huge news: Minus18 has partnered with Bonds!

BY Wednesday, 19 February 2020

We've teamed up with Bonds to create resources, events, visibility, and long-lasting change.

Huge news: we've joined forces with Bonds! And it's not just to launch their (absolutely gorg, totally delightful) Pride collection.

Our new friends are working with us from the inside out. They're supporting our work via fundraising, creating vital written and digital resources with us, AND undertaking Minus18 LGBTIQ inclusion training to educate their brand leaders and executives.

Basically, Bonds are supporting our work from now until well after Mardi Gras is over. And that's why we're so excited. 

#OutNow Fundraising

But first things first: Bonds are donating $1 to Minus18 for every post shared on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #outnow between February 9 and March 1. This fundraising will support our Queer Formals, and heaps of other projects we have bubbling away for 2020. 

Start creating and sharing, pals! 

Coming Out Resource and Exhibition 

We've created a useful resource all about coming out alongside our new friends at Bonds! Or rather, we say it's all about coming out, but it's much more than that. It features tips on how to be a good ally to a friend or family member who does come out to you, as well as a very important section about NOT coming out. Coming out is nuanced, and it's important to remember it's not the be all and end all. 

Download the resource now 
Or, grab it in person at a very special gallery event hosted by Bonds (and us!) in Sydney during Mardi Gras. The pop-up exhibition features a diverse representation of LGBTIQ Australians – including Aussie musician Montaigne, comedian Rhys Nicholson, artist Frances Cannon, and many more – and maybe even a member of the Minus18 team or two!

The Out Now Exhibition will be open to the public in Sydney from Friday February 28 until Sunday March 1.

The Sparkliest Night of the Year

Sydney Queer Formal is just around the corner (just a few days away) and Bonds is a presenting partner. They'll be front and centre with attendees on the night with a gorgeous photo booth. And when Queer Formal arrives back in Melbourne? Bonds will be supporting us as a key sponsor. 
Stay tuned for more content, events, updates and rainbow-filled fun times as the year rolls on. We have heaps in store for you.