We're taking Queer Formal to Mardi Gras 2020, but the work's not done yet!

We have funding to offer FREE LGBTIQ youth and adult workshops to Victorian rural and regional schools in 2020.

White notions of queerness and gender diversity being 'new concepts' just doesn't hold up!

For QTIPOC cuties, finding community is an amazing and empowering experience 

What does the QTIPOC acronym mean? And what does it mean to be QTIPOC? 

To celebrate Trans Awareness Week, Minus18 has teamed up with RMIT University to present an evening exploring all things gender diversity.

Our top tips for calling out queerphobia.

Sometimes, others might not even know what they're saying is hurtful.

You have a community of people here to give you strength!

Taking a same gender partner or wearing new clothes can be AWESOME.