I am a gender queer male identifying as he/him who has a huge passion and heart for helping people. Working for Minus18 is such a privilege and I am here to make a difference as our Workshop & Business Manager.

I am a competitive rower, training and competing with the Melbourne Argonauts Queer Rowing Club. I love to go sailing whenever I can, and love to learn new things each day.

As our Workshops and Business Manager, I am responsible for our growth in these areas, backed by my past experience in business management and operations, as well as sales and marketing. I bring a caring style of leadership to my teams at Minus18, co-ordinating and managing a team of amazing individuals that work towards the same vision.

Minus18 gives me the ability to proactively drive my passion for social change and to create a true and positive impact in the lives of LGBTIQ youth everyday, providing support and the foundations for greater understanding in the boarder community.