Teneille is non-binary, femme, bisexual and neurodiverse. They are a self-taught event producer with a background in visual art and performance art. 

Teneille has been creating grass roots community events since 2012 under their artist name Tenfingerz. They curate and produce an annual event in the Melbourne Fashion Festival Arts Program and co-host the anti-Melbourne Cup day event ‘Farshans on the Field’ with the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses. 

Teneille also performs and runs workshops regularly at outdoor musical festivals like Rainbow Serpent, using the platform to create performances that highlight the inequality and lack of diversity in the sub-culture. 

Teneille has been working at Minus18 since July 2018. They helped produce the Queer Ideas Festival and co-authored the Young & Queer Report. Since then they have produced the Youth Precinct at Midsumma, Queer Formal Melbourne & Sydney, SYNC and Glitternova. 

Teneille is passionate about making Minus18 events more accessible, more diverse and more youth led.