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Pip Henty (she/her) has served on the Board since October 2018. As a women specialising in diversity and inclusion, Pip is passionate about transformative social change. Pip has over seven years of experience in access and inclusion, strategic planning and operational and technical expertise. Pip is a member of the Board's Access and Inclusion Committee.

Pip is passionate about positively enhancing the effectiveness, efficiency and appropriateness of humanitarian action, with a focus on inclusion and safeguarding. Pip currently provides research, technical and policy advice across Humanitarian Advisory Group’s portfolio of work. Pip’s recent work includes research into the inclusion of sexual and gender minorities in humanitarian response, working with humanitarian and development actors to review and improve safeguarding policies and practices, and diverse and inclusive humanitarian leadership. In 2018, Pip attended the first ever Pride in the Humanitarian System, a consultation in Bangkok involving more than 100 representatives of sexual and gender minority CSOs (from 18 countries across South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific) and regional humanitarian actors.

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