Ways to Play With Your Gender Expression

There ain't no rules when it comes to gender.

INTERVIEW: Bobuq Sayed

Writer, artist and founder of QTIPOC collective Colour Tongues, Bobuq rejects the gender binary. 

An Intro to Sexuality and Gender

Don't stress if you're new to it all - it's actually really simple

A Guide to Medical Transition

Some info you might find useful if you're trans

Healthier and Safer Ways to Bind Your Chest

You've gotta make sure you do it right

A Guide to Coming Out as Trans

Social transitioning or affirming your gender is a way to ‘come out’ and express your gender to other people.

INTERVIEW: Aretha Brown

At 16 years old, this gay indigenous activist is changing the world.

Can You Play Sport And Be Openly Gay?

That's what Chris asked when he came out

How to be Queer at Your School Formal

Taking a same gender partner or wearing new clothes can be AWESOME. 

What Does Queer Mean Anyway?

And how is it different to lesbian, gay, bi, trans or intersex?

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