Professional Development to Help You Support Your LGBTIQ Clients and Team.


Minus18 delivers high-impact training and professional development to ensure your team is equipped with the latest language and best practices when it comes to LGBTIQ+ issues and inclusion.

Our workshops are all about building empathy, understanding identity, and empowering teams. By laying a foundation of positive language and relationships, and by exploring the barriers LGBTIQ+ people face, we provide the tools needed to challenge perspective and creative inclusive spaces for everyone.

Our adult and professional training is backed by Australian research, best practice experience, and real-life scenarios with actionable outcomes. Plus? Our workshops are the only ones developed AND delivered by young LGBTIQ+ people. That means the content you receive is informed by the most up to date experiences of queer young people in Australia today.


Up to date and actionable LGBTIQ+ inclusion training for businesses and organisations.

Module One: Introduction to Gender and Sexuality


Get up to speed with LGBTIQ+ language and terms, as well as best practices in and out of the workplace. Minus18 equips teams of all knowledge levels with the tools and confidence to challenge perspectives – as well as best practices and strategies for building a culture of and framework for LGBTIQ+ inclusion at your workplace.

Learning Outcomes
  • Understanding of terms and definitions used within the LGBTIQ+ community.
  • Understanding of diverse sexes, genders and sexualities.
  • Awareness of the barriers faced by LGBTIQ people when accessing services.
  • Empathy with LGBTIQ experiences via personal stories and latest research statistics.
  • Actionable steps for improving LGBTIQ inclusivity within your service.
  • The opportunity to engage in a Q&A with our friendly & knowledgeable workshop facilitators.
Duration: 90 minutes
For: Adults 18 and over
Size: Up to 50 people
Cost: From $695

Module Two: Supporting Trans and Gender Diverse People


Go beyond the gender binary and gain a more in-depth understanding of the barriers that trans and gender diverse people face. Minus18 facilitators use the latest research, and their own lived experience being trans, to equip your team with the confidence and steps needed to support trans and gender diverse colleagues and clients.

Learning Outcomes
  • Awareness of varying gender diverse identities and experiences via personal stories of workshop facilitators.
  • Insight into socially and physically (medically) transitioning.
  • Awareness of barriers faced by trans and gender diverse people.
  • Confidence using inclusive and gender neutral language in the workplace.
  • Practical toolkit & actions for supporting trans and gender diverse colleagues/clients
  • Chance to workshop real-life scenarios that apply to your team.
  • Opportunity to engage in a Q&A with our friendly and knowledgeable workshop facilitators
Duration: 90 minutes
For: Adults 18 and over
Size: Up to 50 People
Cost: From $695

Keynote Presentations


Looking for a way to inspire your crowd? Minus18 keynotes inspire udiences while also imparting a valuable message of respect and inclusion. On days of significance (IDAHOBIT or Wear it Purple Day), during Pride Month, or on your workplace's own pride activations, Minus18 presenters share their lived experience and our organisational vision of a more accepting world for LGBTIQ+ youth.

Keynotes are easily tailored to suit individual event needs.

Members of the Minus18 team are also available to sit on panel discussions on topics like QTIPOC inclusion, feminism, trans issues and the corporate landscape.

Minus18 Keynotes
  • Ideal for larger audiences.
  • Develop empathy for LGBTIQ youth experiences.
  • Look into the history and future goals of Minus18.
Duration: Up to 30 minutes
For: Adults 18 and over
Size: Unlimited
Cost: Get in touch to discuss

Need Something Specific?

No two groups are the same, so we tailor our content to your requirements. That's what makes Minus18 workshops so highly regarded, and always relevant to your cohort.