Minus18 Events


What's it Like?

Basically - a whole lot of fun. Coming to your first Minus18 event can be really daunting though and getting the courage to come along is a BIG deal. We've all been there though!
The different types of events we run have different vibes:
  • Social Events are heaps chill and a great place to start if you're new to it all.
  • Dance Events are a lot higher energy with DJs and bigger crowds, so you can sit back and blend in if you want to.
  • Queer Formals are a mix of both. A sit down dinner with live music, but also lots of space to chat.

Who Can Come?

The age limit of our events are usually either 18 and under, or 21 and under - but each event is different so make sure you check.

Our events aren't just for queer youth and you don't have to be gay or trans to come along. That means if you're unsure about your identity, or you just want to have fun, you're welcome to come along!

You're always welcome to bring a supportive friend along with you as well.

Getting There

Navigating the city can be a bit tough, especially if you're catching VLine. The Minus18 Crew meet everyone at a central station before events to help you get thee safely. It takes some of the stress out of getting there :) Check out the event page for the information about where and when to meet.

Coming By Yourself

LOTS of people come by themselves to Minus18 (enough for us to write this section!) and at every single event usually around 30% of people there are brand new. It's amazing!

We try really hard to make a space where it's easy to make friends and our Crew are there to help you out.

If that's not enough to convince you, we post all our events to Facebook, so you can opt in and let others know you're going.


A huge and valid concern at events is safety. We've been running events for over 15 years, and we're supported by the Victorian Government who recommend us as safe and essential. As part of this, all our events have:
  • Youth Workers there to make sure everyone has a safe and supported experience.
  • Trained Security and First Aid at events with more than 50 people attending
  • Strict Rules ensuring all events are drug, smoke and alcohol free.
  • Strict Policies ensuring all volunteers and staff comply with child safety laws and checks.

Access & Inclusion

A core part of Minus18 is that we try to make a space where EVERYONE belongs. Check each event for information about accessibility as this can differ from venue to venue. That said, ALL our events are:
  • Gender Neutral we'll ask your name and pronouns and all toilets are gender free.
  • Strictly free from racism, and queerphobia.
  • Private We won't take a photo if you don't want us to.
  • Our Social Events and Queer Formals are wheelchair accessible.
  • Our Dance and Formal events have free soft drink and water.
  • You can contact us if you have access requirements and we'll do our best to sort you out.

Don't Take Our Word For It:

OMG THANK YOU! You guys that was the most fun I've ever had before. Usually I'm super shy and awkward at events and stuff, and I was really nervous about coming along.
Ashley 16 years old

Minus is actually the one place where people don't tease me or make jokes, I can ask questions and people don't think it's stupid that I asked. It's somewhere I don't have to hide myself at all :)
Josh 15 years old
Minus has helped me discover another side of me a fun happy nice side :) and I've made some awesome mates in the process to :) Thankyou :D.
Brett 18 years old

I never ever thought I'd find a place where I felt comfortable presenting as a girl, and then I went along to a Minus18 and found so many other trans girls like me. I actually can't describe how happy I was afterwards.
Sarah 16 years old
You know the thing about Minus18 is that they get it. When I came out, I felt so alone. People at school weren't mean, but they definitely weren't supportive.
I went to a Minus18 event and it honestly changed my life. I made friends, like, real friends who care about me. I can't thank Minus18 enough.
Now I'm 22 and the closest friends I have are ones I met at Minus18 when I was 17. Take the plunge! It's worth it Amanda 22 years old